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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Irene Pulga / You are Animal 2019


This capsule exhibition includes artworks that explore and celebrate animals and human nature.

In some of the works animals are symbolic for certain aspects of the human psyche. In some others the contorted human body takes center stage.

In my own personal artwork I use and combine a variety of materials. I often like to have everything available in front of me so I can pick and choose quickly. Most of the times I work fast, raw.

I often re-work scraps, the unwanted stains. I re-imagine, transform. I like playing with elements of chance, control and repetition.

Two qualities consistently evident in my art define my practice: rawness and a search for beauty. All works constantly explore the tensions between the two.’

Venue: Perky Blenders @ Project 660

Address: 660 High Road, Leyton, E10 6JP

Dates and times:
Mon to Sat 8am – 5:30pm

Venue accessibility: yes

Artist’s contact:

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