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About the Trail

The Leytonstone Arts Trail is an annual event celebrating local artists. Over two weeks, artists showcase their work in various locations, from their homes to public spaces. Our mission is to make art accessible to everyone and to celebrate the creative spirit of our community.

Visions and Aims

Our mission for the Leytonstone Arts Trail is fourfold, with a dedicated focus on enhancing the representation of the community:

  1. Build a community of artists: Encouraging a diverse range of participants, supporting local artists by providing a platform to showcase their work, fostering professional networks, and encouraging collaborative ventures.
  2. Boost the local economy: Stimulating economic activity through art sales, promoting local services, increased footfall and encouraging investments back into the community.
  3. Promote sustainability: Encouraging local exploration and reducing environmental impact.
  4. Enhance wellbeing: Through art and social interaction, we aim to improve mental health, foster social connections, and build a network of support, with a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusivity.

Benefits of the Art Trail

  • Cultural Enrichment: Enriches the area’s cultural life, offering a variety of artistic experiences to residents and visitors alike.
  • Economic Boost: By increasing footfall, the Art Trail supports local commerce, from cafes and pubs to independent retailers.
  • Social Cohesion: Art becomes a conversation starter, building bridges between people of different ages, backgrounds, and interests.
  • Artistic Development: Artists gain exposure, receive feedback, and sell their work, contributing to their professional growth.

Highlights from past Art Trails…

  • Diverse venues: From cafes to business premises, local artists converted both familiar and hidden spaces into art hubs.
  • Wide range of art forms: Showcasing everything from printmaking to performance, we offered a broad spectrum of artistic expressions.
  • Community integration: By hosting events in accessible spaces and community favourites, we embedded the arts trail within the fabric of daily life.
  • Local artist spotlight: We provided platforms for local talents supporting economic growth for artists.
  • Interactive art: Engaging activities included “Drink and Chat” events and live print demonstrations.
  • Exploratory themes: Visitors delved into spiritual and physical environments with thought-provoking installations in outdoor spaces.
  • Culinary collaborations: Some venues hosted events that intertwined the sensory experiences of taste and sight by providing tasting menus alongside complementary artwork.
  • Intimate artist engagements: Artists’ private workspaces in homes and studios were opened, inviting visitors to step into the artist’s world.
  • Broadening horizons: Sculpture installations were visible to passers-by 24/7.
  • ⁠School contributions: George Tomlinson Primary School displayed its pupils’ mixed media works, raising the importance of young voices in the arts.
  • Inclusive artistic celebrations: Collaborative exhibitions and events inviting friends and strangers alike to marvel at the diversity of local talent.
  • ⁠Innovative spaces: Artists sought out surprising sites to display their work: flowers tumbling from a tower; murals on garage walls or above kitchen sinks; sheds converted to galleries; artwork in windows and front gardens.
  • Innovative events: Digital art workshops and walking sketch workshops, inclusive and accessible for novice and experienced artists.
  • Photographic journeys: photographic projections highlighting local historical narratives and celebrities.
  • Artistic collaborations: Venue partners hosted interactive art sessions, providing engaging educational experiences.
  • Community projects: The “Let’s Fill Leytonstone with Art Project” invited attendees to create alongside artists, fostering a sense of ownership and participation.
  • Varied Exhibitions: From contemporary ceramic art to mixed media showcases, our trail displayed an eclectic mix of visual art styles and mediums.
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