Samira has enjoyed art since a very young age, studying a diploma in graphic design in India before moving to London where she has been running her own family business alongside pursuing her art.

She enjoys depicting landscape and sea-scenery in different mediums such as Oil, Acrylic and Ink. The expressional aspect of art is something which she truly values and believes it is an important tool to convey philosophical thoughts and bring awareness to issues at heart. This is reflected in the following pieces (and many others) as she aims to highlight current issues such as the effect of human activity on wildlife and sea creatures as well as the powerful implications of the digital age on the human mind. The premise behind her mantra therefore, is that through the power of the mind, creation of the hand and eye for art, one is able to observe and portray powerful messages.

Venue: Garlands Express

Address: 376 Grove Green Road, E11 4AP

Dates and times:
Mon-Sat 12-6.30pm
Sun 8 July 10am-4pm

Venue accessibility: Yes

Artist’s contacts:
Instagram: @samirashah23