The paintings progress as a kind of ‘moving accident’ impulsively selected colour, shaped into form in a kind of improvisation. The more conscious element being the selection of which ‘accidents’ to keep. The end result being a snapshot of the survivors ‘dancing together’, happy to exist. The chosen elements must say something, yet, coexist with the rest of the painting.

I try to paint something, without painting anything in particular. If I can stay away from including representations of real objects it allows more space for a viewer to imply their own perception, in a sense creating a weird colourful mirror.

Venue: Northcote Arms

Address: 1aa Francis Road E11 4EL

Dates and times:
Mon 2-10.30pm
Tues 2-11.30
Wed/Thurs 2-11pm
Fri 12.30pm-12.30am
Sat 12pm-1am
Sun 12pm-12am

Venue accessibility: Yes

Artist’s contact: