What is identity? Is it determined by geography, chance encounters, genes or choice? Is it fixed or fluid? Is it important? An exploration in 2D, 3D and with performances.

Ellie is interested in investigating how gender affects our identity and how our mental states inform the way we perceive ourselves and others.

Olmo enjoys creating art as he sees it as a tangible way of experiencing another’s perspective.

Paolo has always been intrigued and charmed by visual arts and considers them a fundamental and exciting way to explore, to learn and to communicate in the world.


Venue 1: The Birds

Address: 692 High Road E11 3AA

Dates and times:
Fri 13 July 6-11pm
Sat 14 July 12-5pm

Venue accessibility: no


Venue 2: The Shed

Address: 14 Forest Glade E11 1LU

Dates and times:
Sun 15 July 10am-6pm

Venue accessibility: no


Artist’s contacts: