I try to create a “portrait of a place” in my work; a sense of the experience of specific places. I look at the details which make a place or a person’s understanding of it unique and experiment with the intervention of lens based technology on our way of seeing- for example, through unusual view-points, multiple projection or use of shallow depth of field.

All my pieces originate from hand printed, drawn or sewn works. In 2017 I started developing combinations of darkroom photography and textiles and vintage dyes to bring my various interests together and be able to add a pop of colour and with hand tinting my images using traditional dyes and toner. The images with colour in this exhibition are hand printed in the darkroom and then machine embroidered or tinted individually.

Venue: Sit Collective

Address: 374 Grove Green Rd,  E11 4AP

Dates and times:
Mon – Thurs, Saturdays 10.15am – 4.15pm. Other times available on request.

  • Event – Launch: Sat 7 July 6 – 8pm

Venue accessibility: Access is almost flat

Artist’s contact: www.fromthedarkroom.com