My visual work explores the boundaries of vision and the subconscious perception of the world. Through repetition and mirroring, an apparently ordinary and recognisable picture can be transformed into a new visual object. In this visual metamorphosis, the original subject is linked to the new one in order to form a new relationship.

When we daydream, we say that our head is in the clouds. This composition, Nebula, is part of the series “Cumulus” which explores the relationship between our dreams/ideas, the sky and the clouds. Cumulus refers to the name of a specific type of meteorological cloud but the same Latin word also means accumulation. The showcased work is therefore a surreal representation of the clouds in the sky, formed by visual accumulation.

Venue: Luna Lounge

Address: 7 Church Lane, Leytonstone, E11 1HG

Dates and times:
Daily 5pm – 12am

Venue accessibility: No

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