These interiors or still-lives were made within the last 12 months.  All anticipated a larger work, though sometimes this didn’t happen or hasn’t yet happened. All began with domestic spaces and objects but other elements sometimes crept in and stayed; chance encounters, landscapes, misapprehensions and influences.

I have chosen to work in a medium is undeniably flat, which is sometimes difficult but I have always worked best within limits. I have found working with hard edges, distinct blocks and a finite palette suits me best. Once the collages were intricate and long in the making. Now I don’t feel it is necessary  to display that kind of skill or invest so much time on a single piece. I am now far less patient and have found other more economic ways of doing things. However, this his does not mean I am prolific. I reject much of what I make; these are a few of my few successes.

Venue: Curved Brick co

Address: 477A High Road Leyton E10 5EL

Dates and times:
Tuesday – Saturday 8am – 4pm (Sunday 9am – 3pm)

Venue accessibility: Yes

Artist’s contact: Instagram – normankaghma