Joshua Raffell is a London based artist.

Joshua makes work that explores identity and sexualisation. It brings in mental state and the edge of pleasure / disgust. It is erotic and humorous. Sewn with a twisted stitch.

The overt vulgarity allows the collapse of restriction; it gives a new view and the lightening joy of freedom.  A moment’s existentialism. You are invited to bring your own perspective.

In the words of Jerry Saltz: Cluster Fuck Aesthetics.

The work is textiles juxtaposed with found everyday objects. All media contains a homely appearance, values and use. Discarded textiles are layered and contorted.

His work is often likened to outsider art.

Venue: Artist’s Studio

Address: 48 Granleigh Road, E11 4RQ

Dates and times:
Sat – Sun 6th / 7th July
Fri – Sun 12th – 14th, 10:00 – 5:00
or by appointment any other time

Venue accessibility: yes – to studio only

Artist’s contact: