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Cinthia Oram / Carnivale

straight mask new res 2

This series is called Carnivale it deconstructs the meaning of carnival in the form of a collage, examining the past through the products of slavery; cotton, sugar, rum, tobacco and indigo. Juxtaposing images and text, past and present produces a representation of what carnival means to me as a black woman. Carnival today is a social and political celebration for all social classes. My aim is to recreate it in a physical, photographic and contemporary form, bringing the past into the present in remembrance of its origins.

Venue: St Andrews Church

Address: 153 Colworth Road E11 IJD

Dates and times:
Thursday 11th
Friday 12th,
Saturday 13th  &  Sunday 14th
10am – 5pm

Venue accessibility: Yes

Artist’s contact:

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